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FREE SHIPPING AUSTRALIA-WIDE. This much-loved man manual for the tricky business of childbirth has been rereleased – fully updated, bigger and better than before! It’s a how-to guide on childbirth support together with 18 amazing birth stories from some of Australia’s favourite dads – from diverse cultural and professional backgrounds with two same-sex couples in the mix. 

Discover how to play an active role in the birth of your baby. Learn the secrets to success from others who have been through the gates of childbirth before you and start your role as a parent in the best way possible.

Cheers to Childbirth is chock-full of practical knowledge so that you know how to support your partner through childbirth and in the months thereafter. It also includes candid birth stories told by some of Australia’s best known dads: Bondi lifeguard Andy Reid, champion boxer Danny Green, TV guy Osher Günsberg, Olympian Steven Bradbury, broadcaster Jeremy Fernandez and actors Shane Jacobson, Charlie Clausen and Steve Bastoni.

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9 reviews for Cheers to Childbirth – soft cover

  1. Emily

    From about page three I had to stop my controlling self from grabbing the stationary to highlight oh-so-relevant and redact touchy elements of this book (to make the book read to my partner the way I want it to!).
    The first-hand stories of fathers as birth support partners gives me confidence that my partner will be okay too (especially once he’s read this book!), and the feeling in Lucy’s writing presents the advice and experience in a way that feels ‘lived in’, ‘tried and true’ and above all, supportive.
    As a first pregnancy with 10 weeks to go, this book has given me things to think about that I wouldn’t have otherwise and for this I am grateful.
    My journey through this book included waves of joy, sadness and resentment, but holding it all together was a sense of preparedness.
    Joy, because there are aspects of childbirth I didn’t consider could be so significant for my partner (and because I think Lucy has given me a ‘get out of jail free’ on nappy changes. Woo-hoo!) and sadness, because I fall into a high-risk category which hampers a lot of choice discussed in this book.

    I will definitely be passing this book on to my partner with a pen and highlighter so he can take notes and (hopefully) take away all the important aspects of how best to support me so we can face childbirth as a team.

    Tank you Lucy for a wonderfully written book which addresses many complex issues of childbirth without the ‘fluff’. Strongly recommend for all expectant Fathers, Father’s who had bad first-time experiences, well-prepared Fathers who already know everything, ALL FATHERS! and their partners – everything in this book is geared towards supporting Mum and I love it!

  2. Mischa

    Super interesting, very easy read. Lots of great info and a good reminder of the stuff talked about at Beer & Bubs. Kinda feel like a second read through would be a good idea, so many little things to pick up on.

    Five stars for now, hopefully the same after the baby arrives!

  3. Andopoulos

    As a first time father there are plenty of positives to take out of this book. The detailed runthrough from late pregnancy to breastefeeding has left me feeling far more prepared and knowledgeable about what’s in store. And the stories from a range of different men who had completely varied birthing experiences with their partners was a great touch.

    However I have to give this 3 stars as the author’s condescending tone and heavy-handedness in making her point makes it frustrating to read at times. Her opinions can really come on strong and I can’t help but feel a bit of “woman-splaining” (you silly men have no common sense so I need to tell you what to do).

    For example:
    – Recommending that men take the permanent role of nappy changing 100% of the time, just because she says so.
    – Reiterating more than once about keeping your mouth shut and not being a cheerleader in the birthing room.
    – Suggesting that new mothers will more likely considering resuming their sex life with you if you do housework.
    – “This would be a bad time to suggest your partner “relax”….you deserve to be clobbered if you suggest it.”

    There are quite a few anecdotes of “Neanderthal men” making poor choices that the poor birthing woman had to endure. The aim seems to be to poke fun rather than get to the heart of why men in birthing suites are the way they are. This is not really the way to empower 21st century men to be active and involved fathers.

    Also there are some annoying contradictions that say a lot about the author. In the first chapter she gushes about completing a home birth while hosting a rollicking Christmas party:
    “Eventually I got dressed in my party outfit again, bundled up my baby and went out to have a glass of champagne with our friends and family.”

    But at the end of the book she firmly warns male partners not to allow their parents (the dreaded in-laws) in to steal away precious early bonding time, which “should not be shared.” She then relates a story from her time as a doula trying to shoo away excited grandparents:
    “I wanted to tell them to go home and knit something”

    Now as a late 30s teacher I’m probably not the target audience (the book is a companion to the “Beers and Bubs” program for expectant fathers), but a bit more respect for the reader would be appreciated.

    And for the record, I hate “mansplaining” as much as I do “woman-splaining”, even if birthing babies is typically seen as a “woman’s domain”.

  4. Thomas Kershaw

    As an expectant first time dad, this book was absolutely brilliant. Clear, simple, practical advice to take into the coming months, with some great laughs and blunt realness thrown in as well. The short summary pages at the end of each chapter are great as well. My wife is reading it now and loving it too! I would 100% recommend this book to anyone and everyone expecting a little one in the future. Loved it!

  5. Jennifer Thompson

    Excellent book for dads. In fact, it’s an excellent, easy reading book for everyone. It’s helping my husband to be a better support person for the birth of our second baby.

    Highly recommended to any first time parents, or parents looking for a better birth for second or subsequent babies.

  6. Mischa

    I’m not sure that anything can really prepare you for being their for the birth of your child. Its out of this world. But I did find this book an excellent starting point. Highly recommend it for all those dads to be out there.

  7. Mc

    Every parent should read this

  8. Annabel Prefontaine

    Whenever I hear of a young couple beginning their journey of parenthood, my first thing to do is order a copy of Lucy Bloom fantastic Cheers to Childbirth: A Dad’s Guide to Childbirth Support! Often young men are not really interested in reading but when they realise it not only has factual information in an informal language, it also includes the birth stories of men who they have admired from afar, they are tempted to read further.
    Women often read everything they can find about what is happening to their bodies as they make another little human but men are often left on the sidelines feeling a bit useless. This book gives them the confidence to be a real partner through the process and the knowledge to feel they can be a great support and understanding of what is happening with the mother of their child. A great basis for becoming involved and interested Dads! Cheers to Childbirth: A Dad’s Guide to Childbirth Support

  9. Emily

    I gave this to my husband who generally doesn’t read much, but he found it so entertaining and informative that he finished the book in no time! He really liked knowing HOW he could support me in birth and gives him ease of mind knowing how exactly he can be there for me during pregnancy, labour and beyond. An excellent book for any support person who wants to know how they can support their loved one in labour.

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