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The Manuscript explores the sometimes disposable nature of modern relationships, divorce and online dating.



Fast paced, funny and ferocious, The Manuscript is a novel about a novel, and the unexpected ways that life smacks you in the face.

When author, Edith Scott finds herself free in many ways, she switches genres to write a book about war and men. As she learns hard lessons from those in her life who chew her up and spit her out, Edith writes them into her plot, killing them off with delight. But what she does not know is that real life is dealing with them in a parallel reality too brutal for words.

The Manuscript explores the sometimes disposable nature of modern relationships, divorce and online dating.

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10 reviews for The Manuscript – softcover

  1. Jean Ballands

    I loved the references to art in this book and the clever connections between intriguing characters. A feast!

  2. Kate Bocca

    Woah, what a ride! I felt like I’d been through the wringer by the end of each chapter!

    With lyrical yet punchy prose, Bloom deftly interweaves connections between characters and their stories that either make you laugh out loud or gasp in disbelief. She writes such good characters: some are so relatable that I was cheering for them throughout, while others are so dreadful it feels kinda fabulous when they are wiped out. Is it bad that I found that so satisfying?

  3. Shirl

    I don’t want it to end!!

    Awesome read with very clever twists and turns, romance and travel. Brilliant!

  4. Ess

    Fast paced and funny

    I loved reading this story. The way the storylines interweave and relationships intertwine is surprising and immensely satisfying. This is a great read for every woman who has ever doubted their worth and looks back and thinks to themselves – WTF was I thinking? Especially gorgeous, funny, intelligent, talented, and well-travelled women. But can laugh anyway. My only ‘critique’ is that the lovely surprise that was the Spotify playlist at the end, could have been at the beginning. I think it would’ve worked to have a soundtrack to the book throughout, like Dirt Music by Tim Winton, rather than at the end. Regardless, I’m loving it now! I also love that donations from the book mimic the storyline pact between two kick-arse women. Loved it and looking forward to the next already!!

  5. Vickie Hingston-Jones

    Ever felt like pushing your ex off a cliff?

    A lighthearted romp for women of a certain age who’ve been kicked to the curb a few times and lie awake at night plotting revenge. When finally single again, Edith makes up for lost time, not always as planned, and no punches are pulled.

  6. Craig / Phil

    Thank you for sending us a copy to read and review.

    Take a ride on the wild side with Edith Scott, a journey covering her escapades, conquests and her writing career. A character that will leave an impression. When fiction becomes fact and the story written is unravelling in real life, it makes a unique twist.

    Edith was born to a strong intellectual mother and this paved the way for her becoming the woman she became. After a short marriage she finds her groove and enjoys the perks of single life. Meeting and sleeping with all sorts of handsome guys from around the world.

    Each encounter has its own flavour and drama. Like sliding doors, two scenarios sometimes play out piquing outcomes. What a great and intriguing book. Loved the raw and flawed characters and the journey to places not many of us have been.

    A white pages phonebook and an atlas are required to keep up with cast and places. This contributing to a fast paced and clever read with many twists and turns. I found this comedic throughout and shocking in places as masculine toxicity was exposed. Not only is Lucy generous in entertaining us, she is donating all proceeds of this book to providing birth kits for those around the world in need.

  7. Andrew

    Loved it! Lucy is a gem. Funny and Heart-warming

    Explore the wild side with Edith Scott as you learn about her exploits, victories, and literary career. A character who will make an impact. It creates a surprising turn when fiction becomes reality and the plot starts unravelling in real life. The fact that Edith was born to a capable, intelligent mother helped to shape who she would become. After a brief marriage, she settles in and enjoys the benefits of being alone. meeting and sleeping with a variety of attractive men from different countries. Like sliding doors, two events can occasionally play out with intriguing results. I adored the unpolished, flawed individuals and the travel to remote locations. This was amusing all through.

  8. Susanne West

    I’m so grateful for the opportunity to be an “early adopter”/reader of The Manuscript. It is a WILD and wonderful RIDE.

    I fell completely in love with Edith Scott and was totally enthralled by her adventures with men, parenting and life. The coincidences for the characters were delicious and while I was reading my partner was constantly asking me “what the hell are you chuckling at?”. Usually that was a moment where one of the coincidences was revealed and gave me a solid punch to the face 😊

    I loved the world travel and the descriptions of Africa and the Congo felt very real and present. Lucy has nailed an incredibly engaging tone in her writing. So much fun, so many good messages and a total riotous joy.

    Make sure you go on the wild ride with Edith!

  9. Frances Forshlager

    I loved how the threads of each story entwined in the later part of this book. Each character had a background story that couldn’t be left in the past for various reasons but when surfaced, well researched by Lucy. If you don’t believe the saying ‘six degrees of separation’ you will after reading this book. Love your work Lucy.

  10. Tia

    Utterly devoured this book in 3 hours with absolutely no regrets. It was fast paced, funny throughout, and so gripping I haven’t moved since I opened the first page.

    This book was so delightfully Australian I was beaming the whole time! I found it really easy to read with its short chapters and interesting characters. The way the characters lives intertwine quite literally had my eyes bugging out the entire time. I was shook.

    Now that ending. OMG. I’m still thinking about it. The author toys with our emotions for sure but it was a rollercoaster I want to be on.

    I can’t believe I didn’t savour this book, because now I’m going to think about how I can never read this book again for the first time.

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