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Lucy Bloom’s memoir will entertain and challenge you in equal measure.



“This book is so captivating I didn’t want to put it down.” Antoinette,

Stirring, straight-talking, incredibly inspiring, funny and full-on – Lucy Bloom is one of a kind, and so is her memoir.

Lucy’s openhearted interest in the world has taken her from jillarooing on a cattle farm to maternity hospitals in Ethiopia, from marshalling a cross-country carnival in northern Uganda to CEO briefings in the back of a tuk-tuk in Cambodia. Hers has been a life of fighting for the underdog only to find out that, sometimes, the underdog is her. Taking all dramatic life-turns, side-steps and face-plants in her stride, Lucy has rebuilt her life every time, with love and adventure at its heart, plus a side order of mischief.

Rollicking, rude, brimful with joy, and written with a take-no-prisoners, bare-all honesty, this book is a call to arms. It’s a book to make you laugh out loud, nod your head in recognition, re-charge your life and let loose.

‘My deepest wish is that reading this book makes you want to do cool stuff, make plans, launch that business, pack your bags, shave your head, ride that horse, date that hottie, apply for that job, chuck that party – and, most of all, get your girls out, whatever that means for you.’

First published in Australia in 2019 by HarperCollinsPublishers Australia
Second edition published in 2020 for global distribution by Flamingo Publishing
Copyright © Lucy Bloom 2020
ISBN 978-0-6487003-3-3

Who is recommending this book?

‘This memoir is so full of life and its ups and downs. You will start reading it again as soon as you finish. We are all richer for knowing Lucy.’ Wendy Whiteley, OAM

‘Lucy tells powerful stories of human tenacity and love; she inspires all with her insight into the human spirit.’ Bernard Salt, AM

Men love it too …

‘It’s so funny, insightful, moving and inspiring. This is such a great book and not just for the girls. I actually think most men would really love it too (it’s actually a really important read for men).’ Richard Field, Goodreads

‘As a bloke reading this book there were short parts that were a little uncomfortable to read, and that’s OK because life is filled with uncomfortable truths. What’s important is the book is still an excellent read for blokes …’ Sputnik Sputnik, Goodreads

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10 reviews for Get the Girls Out – softcover

  1. Amber Daines

    A gutsy but heartfelt series of Lucy’s most experiences in an action-packed memoir that reminds us we are truly ordinary and extraordinary all at once. I couldnt put it down. Lucy has an ability to be real and raw without compromising her own self or those in the book. She’s a cracked speaker and author.

  2. Adam Courtenay

    A great read on subjects I had no idea about – birthing, third world doctoring, the problems of running a charity etc. Bloom handles the dichotomies of being a mother and a carefree spirit with great aplomb. Bloom has an infectious wit and a funny, tell-it-as-it-is, no holds barred style of writing that never lets up from the start. How much living can one person do? Bloom proves you can do a hell of a lot if you really want to. A rollicker.

  3. Libby

    Entertaining and easy read. Conversational style. Good holiday reading. Adventures abound. Take aways: Do the things…all the things. Fuck the haters. Live life on your own terms. Stay Humble.

  4. Sputnik Sputnik

    As a bloke reading this book there were short parts that were a little uncomfortable to read, and that’s OK because life is filled with uncomfortable truths. What’s important is the book is still an excellent read for blokes, even though I’m not quite sure how the title translates for us? And getting our balls out is probably more criminal than liberating. But whatever, it’s the spirit of the book that’s important and Lucy’s journey is an epic one. I’d seen snippets of her over the years but reading behind the scenes was hilarious, inspiring and horrifying… and probably other stuff as well. Personally, I found it all pretty inspiring, and a great read. Definitely a fan. 👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼

  5. Jo Buchanan

    I have recently finished this wonderful, honest & raw book. Lucy has shared some very personal and vulnerable experiences and, for that reason, it is important we take the time to respect her story.

    It’s a memoir, containing everything: romance, drama, humour, courtroom tension, business stories, family values and shocking horror. You will not believe the places in the world Lucy will take you and the adventures you will share with her on the way. You will cheer when she wins in the boardroom and the court room. You will exhale when she witnesses flying flamingoes and rides horses like the wind. You will cry when she endures horrific abuse. You will laugh when she shares some embarassing, human moments. You will take notes as she shares her values for raising children and you will swoon as she finds love on the high seas.

    Having had the written and audible versions on the go was useful for my lifestyle. I did love the audible version as it is Lucy who is reading her own book. I cannot wait for the next book. Thank you, Lucy

  6. Annie Merindol

    LOVED this book. As someone who lives with anxiety and depression, I always find it remarkable but so refreshing to come across people like Lucy who grab life by the tits and seem to bounce so easily back from adversity and blaze through shitstorms headfirst. Hashtag ‘belikelucy’! But none of us is superhuman. Far from it. And this memoir provides us with a poignant glimpse into the life of, simply, a fellow human, woman, mum, daughter, boss, colleague, and lover. Lucy’s trailblazing, professional success, and personal evolution have been hard-won. She makes mistakes, lots of them, and learns and grows from them with good humour, grace, and humility. Get the Girls Out describes a woman who lives, learns, and loves with her eyes, arms, and heart wide open – something we can all aspire to.

  7. Charlotte

    I took this book on a recent o/s trip and i didn’t want either the literary or the literal adventure to be over!
    The mark of a great book for me is how i feel at the end and this book made me feel ordinary which is exactly the point.
    Lucy’s ability to skillfully describe the ups and downs of life, the ordinary and the extraordinary, the highest points and the lowest are something we can all identify with.
    Lucy has written a book that perfectly tells all of our stories and inspires us to live our lives a little better, walk a little taller and sing a little louder. Thank you Lucy Bloom.

  8. Wendy Waters

    A triumphant validation of life. For every soul yearning for flight but afraid to take the leap, this is your Bible. When Lucy Bloom tells us we are all ordinary she is opening the gateway to dreams. When Lucy Bloom tells us that everything we want is on the other side of fear she is sirening us from across the void. Lucy Bloom and the marvelous people who populate her story like Dr Catherine Hamlin, Doc, the Indian Captain, Harlow, Sheba, Hudson, surfer brother Pete, Wendy Whiteley and finally, Lucy’s angelic mother are all ordinary in the most extraordinary way. So few people live fearless lives. Henry David Thoreau said “Most men lead lives of quiet desperation and go to their grave with their song unsung.” Lucy Bloom has found traction in flight and her life is a siren song for the rest of us who feel too ordinary to take that leap of faith and trust that our wings will unfurl. Read it and face the fear.

  9. Fasika Minda

    Funny, raw, courageous and conversational writing!

    In this book, Lucy explores her personal and professional journey through her travels around the world. She was born in South Africa and then moved to England then to Australia as her father tries to find a perfect place to raise the family. Her stories about raising funds for charity organizations she led are fascinating. I used to think charity was about people being rich and nice enough to contribute but after reading this book it is actually about management and team work to get to the deep hearts of people.

    Her stories also made me realize that although we live in completely different realities, as women, the emotions and hardships we experience are very similar. We all want to be loved and respected and cared for but at the same time be seen as human beings who can handle and manage oneself.

    Once passed the second chapter, it is really hard to put down this book because it gets to the personal and deep stories of the author which I enjoy to learn more about when reading such books.

    In general, this book tells us to find courage and joy in life with all its dramas and hardships in a funny and conversational writing style.

    Thanks Lucy for sharing and your honesty!

  10. Claudia Rocha

    Well sometimes all you need is a book like this. The kind of book that makes you thrilled about what’s coming next. That makes you wonder if you’re serving your purpose in this life. That makes you want to write about your own journey, because it empowers you as a women with an unique story to tell. This kind of honesty and compassion is all around us, and Lucy does an amazing job showing us just that through her mesmerizing writing. Thanks girl!!

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