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Fast paced, funny and ferocious, The Manuscript is a novel about a novel, and the unexpected ways that life smacks you in the face.

When author, Edith Scott finds herself free in many ways, she switches genres to write a book about war and men. As she learns hard lessons from the men in her life who chew her up and spit her out, Edith writes them into her plot, killing them off with delight. But what she does not know is that real life is dealing with them in a parallel reality too brutal for words.

The Manuscript explores the sometimes disposable nature of modern relationships, divorce and online dating. It is a novel about the delicate nature of new relationships, the ruthlessness of karma and the blurry line between truth and fiction.

10 reviews for The Manuscript – ebook all formats

  1. Ali

    Cracker of a book

    Loved this novel by Lucy. Dead funny and hard not to binge-read.

  2. Jo Buchanan

    This story will take you on a roller coaster of emotions through the lives of its spectacular set of lifelike characters. You will recognise a bit of yourself in the protagonist, Edith, and your friends and family in the other characters. You will step into this story as an active observer. You will recognise modern Sydney and you will travel around the world – from the UK to Africa – to follow the paths of the characters. There are plenty of heart-in-your-mouth moments that will surprise you and add to the richness of life surrounding the heartache and joy of the characters. You will laugh and cry and you will want more. Please don’t miss this book, it has a beating heart and a warm soul

  3. Ariel Marguin

    Somebody lent me this book and I enjoyed it a lot. I was too dumb to see how it relates to killing Eve cos that series of deaths seemed so intentional..but what do I know!!?? obviously NOWT – cos I realised belatedly it was in the Manuscript that treacherous persons were slaughtered..sort I’m a hopeless reviewer cos I can’t stop myself reading really fast and maybe don’t retain much. It reminded me of the Pledge by Friedrich it if you haven’t already! Subtitle Death of the detective story..cos a person always wants to KNOW..and Lucy baits us by not telling us – and certainly not telling Edith. There was a movie too..not suggesting that Lucy took anything from that but it’s about karma I guess. This book could be a fine movie I reckon or tele series…Very zappily written and pushed me along like an outboard – lots of kultural references which I may be too old to pick up..Characters and dialogue well written and real to me. Dunno about those foreshadowings and past furrowings (of when we’re told we can’t know what Sione had writ)..Ambience pretty good from Oz to Africa and all around. Not keen on all the arses even though they may be smart cos I prefer AAAsss – the American way. Thanks for a fun day Lucy bella and look forward to more! BTW I rarely give 4 * – it deserves that in its sort of genre but I can’t give it against my own criteria.

  4. Sofie Darling

    I was hooked from the first chapter and left gasping when I finally set it down but be warned this isn’t a book for the faint of heart. It’s punchy, clever and fast paced with plot twist after plot twist.

    The characters are so beautifully drawn, and felt incredibly real. They are introduced to you warts and all, raw, flawed and wonderful, main character included. This is a huge part of the charm.

    I am going to read again because it’s just so damn good

  5. Ann Cahill

    This is a tale full, of action and “action” that covers a broad landscape geographically, socially and culturally. Fast paced and funny (dark in places), Lucy engages with the diverse challenges that women face.

  6. Caroline Scott

    I wanted to leave a five star review but my fat fingers hit the second star and now I find I am unable to change it. This book is awesome, had me in the edge of my seat and utterly gunning for our heroine… ladies do yourselves a favour and pick it up, you will sail through it in no time and have an engaging experience, loved it, thank you.

  7. Samantha Blag

    Lucy has written a brilliant interwoven novel of real and unreal events.

    What is make believe and where does it cross the line? You as the reader will only know by purchasing this page turner ASAP.

    I couldn’t put it down. Congrats Lucy on a brilliant 1st fiction – can’t wait to see more one day.

  8. Clair

    Great book

    Couldn’t put it down

  9. Lyndal Johnston JP

    Bloody Fantastic! Well done Lucy! Great Read

  10. Andrew B

    The lives of this story’s incredible cast of real-to-life characters will send you on an emotional roller coaster. In both the main character Edith and your friends and family in the other characters, you will see a little part of yourself. You will enter this narrative as a participant. You will recognise contemporary Sydney and journey from the UK to Africa to follow the characters’ journeys. The heartbreak and delight of the characters are surrounded by a wealth of heart-in-mouth moments that will surprise you and contribute to the richness of life. You’ll want more and you’ll laugh and cry. This book has a warm soul and a pulsating heart, so don’t miss it.

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